A conversation with Mo Galal, Banquet & Events at Hotel Adler Asperg

Mo Galal comes from Egypt, the land of the pyramids and the pharaohs. After graduating from high school in Dubai, Galal discovered his love for gastronomy.  He studied hotel and tourism management and gained experience in various resorts and 5-star hotels for five years. He has been working at the Hotel Adler Asperg since 2006. First he was conference manager, then deputy banquet manager until he was promoted to banquet manager in 2016. 

You work at the banquet & event department at Hotel Adler Asperg, what tasks do you perform?

In the banquet department we organize meetings, catering orders, weddings and other events. I make sure that the wishes and ideas of our guests are fulfilled and implemented. My duties include making sure that the event runs smoothly, including speeches, breaks, and serving the menu. 

How do you coordinate with other departments in the company to allocate staff and other resources for banquets and events?

Coordination with my colleagues is very important. Before an event, I hold talks and briefings with the service team so that every member knows exactly what, how and when everything is supposed to happen. Our aim is to ensure that all details are coordinated. The service team for an event is defined according to its size, so we are flexible. 

What do you like best about your job?

My job is varied, every day we experience something new. As a catering provider, I have the opportunity to work in different locations: from a private event in the Ludwigsburg Palace to a Hawaiian party in the Black Forest. I also like the fact that, through my work, I work with people from different cultures and expectations. I never get bored and I always learn a lot.

What do you find special about banquets and events at the Adler Asperg? 

The Adler Asperg is a business owned by a Swabian family, but at the same time it is very international because of its team and its guests. There is a certain harmony between the departments and, I like that, so I have a lot of fun at work. When the staff feels at home, that feelings is passed on to guests.