"Adlers Feine Küche im Glas" grows with new products

Die „Adlers Feine Küche im Glas“ wächst

Three years ago, we launched the "Adlers Feine Küche im Glas" products. With the same high-quality ingredients and the same care as in our restaurants, we prepared ten of the most popular dishes on our menu, filled them directly from the kitchen into jars and made them available in our gourmet fridge. 

Since then, we have expanded the range and adapted it to the wishes of our guests. In addition to the spaetzle, carrot and orange soup, pork and beef cheeks, beef roulades, roast beef gravy and passion fruit dressing, we have added cream of asparagus soup, red cabbage, bread dumplings, chocolate cake, curry sauce and lentils.  There are also other products from the vending machine that are not made by us but complement our dishes perfectly, such as Maultaschen, Oberländer and side sausages, pepper bites, beer, chocolate and olives.

Our gourmet fridge is located in the car park opposite the hotel and is "open" around the clock. You can also order products from "Adler's fine cuisine in a jar" by telephone on (+49) (0) 7141 26 60 0 or by e-mail (info@adler-asperg.de) and have them sent to you by post.