The passion fruit salad dressing, ideal for salads in summer

This product from "Adlers Feinen Küche im Glas" adds an exotic and fruity touch to dishes. 

Passion fruit contains vitamins A, B and C, along with nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and magnesium. With its sweet and sour taste, the tropical fruit also has a blood pressure-lowering, calming and sleep-inducing effect. 

The passion fruit salad dressing from "Adlers Feinen Küche im Glas" is prepared with balsamic vinegar, olive and rapeseed oil, beef broth, brown sugar, honey, Tabasco and cayenne pepper. It goes well with leafy salads, raw vegetables and wild herbs, but also with poultry. Mixed with fish stock, it becomes a fruity sauce for fish dishes.

We offer the passion fruit salad dressing in 250 ml. glass bottles, which should be shaken briefly before use.  It is available in our refrigerated vending machine and you can also order it by phone on 07141-26600 or by email to info@adler-asperg.de.