A conversation with Christian and Dr. Dory Ottenbacher, managing partners at Adler Asperg

Christian and Dr. Dory Ottenbacher are the 4th generation of the Ottenbacher family at Adler Asperg and have managed the hotel and restaurants in Asperg since 1998. 

The Ottenbacher family has managed the Adler Asperg for 125 years. What is it like to run such a family business, and what responsibilities does it involve? 

Christian Ottenbacher: It makes me proud to manage such a venerable business. When we think about our ancestors, what they achieved, with all the difficulties of two wars, among others, we just feel like doing everything we can to preserve and continue this heritage. I also often think about all the great staff that has worked in our company over the last 125 years. Without them, the Adler would not be what it is today. That is why I am grateful for their achievements.

Dr. Dory Ottenbacher: On the other hand, it is important to constantly develop the Adler so that it stays up to date. We are responsible for ensuring that this business adapt to market changes and continues to exist.

What do you like best about your jobs?

Dr. Dory Ottenbacher: What I like best is that I don't work in an office all the time and that I have to deal with many different people. It makes my work more interesting and insightful. Dealing with guests is demanding but also very fulfilling, especially when they are happy with our service.  

Christian Ottenbacher: What I like best are the varied tasks. Every day is different. I also like working with the guests and with our staff.

What are your plans for 2023?

Christian Ottenbacher: We will continue to modernize the Adler for our guests so that we are better positioned to meet their needs. We would like to expand the range of "Adlers Feine Küche im Glas" products.

Dr. Dory Ottenbacher: At the same time, we will further develop the digitalization of our company. We will also optimize the telephone switchboard and online reservation systems in our restaurants for our guests and employees.