The History of the Adler Asperg - 1965 to 1998

In August 1964 Richard (II) and Marta Ottenbacher got married. At that time, there was no proper hotel in Ludwigsburg and the surrounding area. Therefore, thee companies in the region took their customers to hotels in Stuttgart. After talking to Wüstenrot, Richard Ottenbacher decided to make a hotel out of the guest house. 

In the summer of 1967, the Adler Asperg became the most modern hotel around Ludwigsburg, with 60 rooms. After that, there was further expansion: first a restaurant, later a new kitchen and event facilities. Meanwhile, the three children of the 3rd generation of the Adler owners were born: Christian (II), Michael and Claudia. 

While the hotel enjoyed good occupancy rates, business in the butcher's shop became increasingly difficult. In 1972, sales at the butchery stop, although production and delivery continued until 1982. In 1975, it was decided to build a new hotel area with an indoor swimming pool, sauna and solarium. 

The Schwabenstube received its first Michelin star in 1972 under the direction of chef Heinz Bernardis. This attracted many guests from industry, politics, film and the arts, among others. 

Richard Ottenbacher was a co-founder of Ringhotels Deutschland, a member of the DEHOGA board and an honorary labour judge. He brought back many good ideas from his travels with the IHK and DEHOGA, which he subsequently implemented in the Adler. For example, the Adler was the first hotel in the southern region to offer a breakfast buffet. In 1998, he was awarded the State Medal in Gold of Baden-Württemberg for his commitment to the Swabian economy and wine. 

In 1994, Christian Ottenbacher (II) returned to the Adler after acquiring a rich experience internationally. Together with his wife, Dr Dory Ottenbacher, whom he met in Paris, he took over the management of the Adler Asperg in 1998.