Strict cleanliness and hygiene regulations have been our daily routine, and not just since COVID-19. In these challenging times, we have revised and strengthened them in order to implement an even more comprehensive, tested hygiene strategy.

The Hotel Adler Hygiene Concept

In the lobbies, we pay attention to a limited maximum number of people present at any one time. In addition, distance zones have been marked and guests as well as employees are strictly requested to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

Compulsory to wear face masks

All of our staff wear face masks and we ask our guests to wear masks as well.

Hand sanitizing

Disinfection dispensers are available at all entrance areas.

Comprehensive virus control and disinfection

For all hotel areas, the already high cleaning standards have been revised and supplemented by additional disinfection measures and strict rules of conduct.

Contactless payment

Please look into the possibility to book via our website and pay by credit card on site. You will receive the invoice conveniently by e-mail as a PDF file and only need to pick up your prepared room key at the reception.

Breakfast Service

Our service in the Restaurant RichardZ is currently restricted by official regulations. Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to offer you breakfast buffet in the morning. We may serve you breakfast at your table, offer room service or "breakfast-to-go". At the same time, we adapt our service to the constantly changing possibilities.

Tested hygiene concept by the company FD Friedrich

FD Friedrich is commissioned to review the hygiene concept and carry out extensive audits at the Hotel Adler.

What does this mean for guests and employees?

Cleanliness under new aspects

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority. It is therefore a matter of course for us to develop and implement a comprehensive hygiene strategy in these challenging COVID-19 times.

The already high standards of cleanliness have been revised in recent weeks and expanded into a comprehensive hygiene strategy with the involvement of external specialists.

Disinfection in public areas

COVID-19 has raised awareness of the cleanliness of surfaces that require intensive contact. In public areas, strict cleaning protocols have been supplemented, requiring surfaces to be treated even more frequently and thoroughly with disinfectants as used in hospitals.

Perfect cleanliness and hygiene in the rooms

In the rooms, the already strict cleaning guidelines are once again supplemented. The cleaning staff constantly wear face masks, change gloves and all cleaning cloths after each room as well as clean and disinfect all surfaces in the room.

Guest contact - cordial and friendly, but with social distancing

Keeping your distance, hand disinfection and wearing masks are the most important measures to ensure the safety of our guests and staff in daily dealings.

In the areas in front of the reception desk, distance markings have been installed. In our restaurants, we also pay attention to distance and arrange the tables and seating accordingly. In addition, all employees wear masks and guests are also asked to wear them when entering and leaving the building. Hand disinfectants dispensers are placed in the entrance area and in front of the public toilets.

Stricter staff training

The rules and requirements for handling food were already very high and were strictly monitored. Now the measures have been extended and all employees have been trained in the additional hygiene and disinfection practices.

Stay healthy and loyal to us

Your Adler Team from Asperg

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