A conversation with David Lehmann, Chef de Partie at Hotel Adler Asperg

David Lehmann completed his training as a chef from 2002 to 2005 at the "Twee Linden" restaurant in Warnemünde. Later, he worked in different restaurants and hotels in Switzerland, in Stegen am Ammersee, in Ludwigsburg and in Horrheim. In September 2022, he joined the team at Hotel Adler Asperg as Chef de Partie. 

What do you do at Adler Asperg? What is it like to be a chef de partie in a Michelin-starred restaurant?

As Chef de Partie, I make sure that the work processes within my area run smoothly. At Adler Asperg, I'm responsible for the side dishes and soups as Chef Entremetier. I am not only responsible for the organisation and quality assurance of the food to be processed, but also for ensuring that the goods in my area are in perfect condition, are processed and prepared accordingly.

It makes me proud to be part of a kitchen team and to be jointly responsible for the fact that our Michelin star has been confirmed once again.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most is the creativity and the excitement of constantly creating something new and special from a simple foodstuff and responding to the wishes of the guests.

Every day is different. We are also constantly faced with new challenges that help us grow. Preparing new dishes is also interesting because you can expand your knowledge.

How do you manage stress when there is a lot going on?

I think that organisation and preparation are the beginning and end of relieving the greatest stress. Despite everything, stressful situations can't be avoided, so you just have to keep calm and take a deep breath. But in these moments you are usually so focussed and concentrated on your work that you forget everything around you.

Why do you think Adler Asperg is worth a visit?

We have four different restaurants at Adler Asperg, so there's something for everyone: from home-style cooking to regional and Spanish specialities to Michelin-starred cuisine, whether vegan, fish or meat. Everyone will find what they are looking for at the Adler. Even when it comes to events, we offer a very wide selection also for children.