A conversation with Sonja Buhl-Brittinger, Front Office Manager at Hotel Adler Asperg

Sonja Buhl-Brittinger has been working in the gastronomy and hotel industry since 2012. She completed an apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist with additional qualifications in kitchen and service management at the FHG e.V. in the Hotel Erbprinz in Ettlingen. Afterwards, she studied the dual programme "Business Administration - Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy; Hotel and Gastronomy Management" with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Ravensburg. In October 2021, she joined the Adler Asperg as Front Office Manager.

What has your experience at the Adler Asperg Hotel been like so far?

A year and a half ago, I was very warmly welcomed into the Adler family. My colleagues and I feel and live this warmth and the resulting team spirit as employees. They make us give our best for our guests every day. 

I found the 125th anniversary of the Ottenbacher family at the Adler Asperg very exciting. We organized many events and celebrated with our guests. The final event was an unforgettable two-day staff outing. 

What are the needs of hotel guests today? How have these needs changed since the pandemic?

Since the pandemic, there has been a development in the short-term nature of hotel reservations. Not only business guests, but also our individual guests, book much more spontaneously from week to week than before the pandemic. Cancellation conditions still play a big role in reservation requests. 

What do you like most about your job?

What I like best is the variety. Every day is different. As a team, we work every day towards the goal of providing our guests with an unforgettable stay - whether in the restaurant or in the hotel. Only together can we master the daily challenges and achieve the goals.

How does the digitalization of reception tasks help your work?

By the end of 2022, we have digitized the filling out of the registration forms as well as the check-in and check-out processes. By automating these processes, we have improved the workflow, and now we have more time for the individual needs of our guests on site or on the phone. Our guests also enjoy the benefits of speed and convenience - if they so wish.