Champagne soup with strawberry sorbet, baked elderflowers and lemon cakes

Champagne and strawberries go well together. You can eat them together or prepare a sophisticated dish with them. The champagne soup with strawberry sorbet, baked elderflowers and lukewarm lemon cakes is an elegant, delicious and fresh dessert for the summer. 

For the lemon cakes you need 230 g white chocolate, 110 g butter, 150 g sugar, 3 eggs, 60 g egg yolk, some vanilla and salt as well as one lemon and 110 g flour. First melt the white chocolate and butter and then mix them with the sugar, eggs and egg yolks. Add the lemon juice, grated lemon juice and the flour. After mixing all the ingredients, pour the mixture into small moulds and bake in the oven at 180º C for about 12 minutes. The cakes should still be soft on the inside when they are cooled. 

Prepare the strawberry sorbet with 150 g water, 150 g sugar, 300 g strawberry purée, 10 g peach liqueur, some vanilla, tonka bean and lemon zest. The water is boiled with the sugar, vanilla, tonka beans and lemon zest and mixed with the strawberry purée and peach liqueur. Then freeze the mixture in the ice cream maker to make sorbet. 

For the baked elderflowers, 30 g starch, 30 g flour, lemon zest, vanilla and elderflowers are needed. Mix the starch, flour, lemon zest and vanilla with enough cold water to make a thin dough. The blossoms are first rolled in flour, then pulled through the dough and deep-fried. After they have cooled, they are dusted with icing sugar. 

The last step is to prepare the champagne soup. For this, 30 g sugar, 200 g apple juice, 150 g white wine, lemon and cinnamon peel as well as vanilla, a sheet of gelatine and champagne or cava are needed. The sugar is lightly caramelized and left to boil with the apple juice, white wine, lemon and cinnamon peel and vanilla until the sugar has dissolved. Then add the sheet of gelatine. Allow the whole mixture to cool and then stir with the champagne or cava to the desired consistency. 

First place the lemon cakes on a deep plate. Place strawberry slices and the strawberry sorbet on top. Place the baked elderflowers on top. Finally, pour the champagne soup over the top.