How about a fruit bread for breakfast?

The fruit bread from the recipe of our culinary director, Jörg Burghardt, is a healthy and nutritious alternative for breakfast. Cinnamon, vanilla and gingerbread spice give the fruit bread the characteristic smell and taste of Christmas. At the same time, it is also suitable for coeliacs and lactose intolerant people. 

For the fruit bread you need the following ingredients: 250 g dried apple rings, 250 g dried apricots, 3 eggs, 60 g beet syrup, 60 g muscovado sugar, 125 g oat flakes, 185 g nuts or almonds, 1 pinch of baking powder and some vanilla, cinnamon and gingerbread spice.

First, briefly scald the dried fruit with boiling water and drain. Then mix the oat flakes into flour. All the ingredients are then put into the Kitchen Aid or a blender and roughly mixed. 

The resulting mixture is placed in a loaf tin or tureen lined with baking paper and baked in the oven with a little steam for about 35 minutes. After the fruit bread has been allowed to cool, it is cut open.

The fruit bread goes best with a cup of fruit or black tea or a cup of creamy coffee.