Pork cheeks from "Adlers Feinen Küche im Glas"

Pork cheeks from "Adlers Feinen Küche im Glas"

For a quick but delicious lunch or dinner in November, we recommend the pork cheeks from "Adlers Feinen Küche im Glas"

The meat of our pork cheeks comes from one of the best parts of the animal. It is first briefly seared and then slowly cooked in the sauce and in a covered pot until it is butter-soft. The sauce is made with onions, red and port wine, garlic, celery and various spices and herbs. Because the pieces of meat are not so large, you can consume the pork cheeks in a cup in several meals. 

As a side dish, you can prepare red cabbage, dumplings, fried potatoes or fried mushrooms. The pork cheeks can also be served as an excellent pasta dish: cut the meat into small pieces, add it to the pasta or "spaetzle" together with the sauce and mix everything together. 

A glass of red wine or a beer like the "Adler Esele" are the perfect drinks to go with it.

The pork cheeks come in glass jars with 310 gr. of meat and 220 gr. of sauce. The jar is slowly warmed up in a pot of water.

Like the other products of the "Adlers Feinen Küche im Glas", the pork cheeks are available in our delicatessen vending machine. They can also be ordered separately or as part of a gift basket by phone on +49 (0) 7141-26600 or by email to info@adler-asperg.de.

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